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About us

The people, the climate, history... A bottle of wine as a page of the atlas...

Our history

We are the Janko Cellar Winery of Smederevo! Our winery was founded in 2006. At the time, a new, renaissance wave of Serbian wine production was still hidden in mist. It’s simple, we did really hard to take our rightful place under the Sun and to become a wine producer in our community. You could say that that community includes everything you can see from the highest point of Smederevo, and even more. If everything went wrong, there would not be this website, and you would not be able to read this. Simple vision without organized labour, implementation of the newly acquired knowledge, a lot of love and really hard work, would not be enough to prosper. The following year (2007) we already had our first harvest from our, then modest vineyards (3.5ha), as well as the first wines to be presented on the wine scene. Those were Smederevka (2006) and Zapis Beli, also from 2006. The work on smederevka, neglected and underestimated autochthonous white variety, as well as raising awareness of the general public about characteristics, and especially about the potential of this perspective variety, determined our place in the wine world. We can say that we grew with Smederevka. We started in almost improvised cellar, and now we can show our beautiful and functional facility of 1,000m2 (net) where we will continue our controlled expansion both in quality and quantity. We did not show off on our way to where we are today. We were praised by others, through acknowledgments, medals, and trophies our wines won all over the world. The crown of those acknowledgments is the exceptional success of our wine Stari Zavet (2011) on the most prestigious ranking organized by the leading world wine publication – Decanter. We won our first gold and a trophy for the best red wine of the East and Central Europe in the category over 15 pounds. Apart from that success, we still prioritize popularity of our products among the wine audience. International success additionally drew the attention of public to our work. We spread to 14ha of land and we are still spreading. It will be significantly easier, from our new winery. We ensured all preconditions for compliance with the highest standards in the area of wine tourism. We export our wines to Estonia, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria, etc. In a time when everything is shrinking, we are spreading.


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