“Stari Zavet – Local is great, but global is better!”

“Stari Zavet – Local is great, but global is better!”

A wine that reset standards of awareness about Serbian winery. After spectacular triumph on Decanter (2014), Stari Zavet announced to the whole world that we do have wines reaching up to the highest standards...

“Let everything spin around, but do not forget me...”

“Let everything spin around, but do not forget me...”

2013 Vrtlog is officially the best white wine of the Balkans. All splendor of discrete oak barrique, which is rarely this good friend of Sauvignon Blanc. Aroma and taste of the best, largest and most tasteful peaches on Earth...

“Who is whose neighbour?”

“Who is whose neighbour?”

Near the Vila Obrenovic in Smederevo, we constructed a beautiful new and functional facility with the spectacular view of the Danube river. We work there, create, think, and expect guests... And we are trying to make the Obrenovics our neighbours as soon as possible since we are their neighbours now.

"Zavet u Zapisu, kao Adut Vrtloga Misije..." - Testament in the Inscription as the Main Advantage of the Mission

"Zavet u Zapisu, kao Adut Vrtloga Misije..." - Testament in the Inscription as the Main Advantage of the Mission

Panta rei, everything changes... The question is where, how and in which aspect. Wines we’ve inhaled life into, grow along with us, in time. Our wines change, becoming better and better every day. It is not ours to interfere but to support them, as one of our own, in every way possible...

“Smederevo, the proud polygon of the living history...”

“Smederevo, the proud polygon of the living history...”

Not many towns despised their essence like Smederevo did and entered into the hell of unplanned industrialization. Not many towns turned their back to nature so violently and almost broke its spine. Not many towns managed to survive difficulties and to rise stronger, more focused on land that nurtures them... Not many towns are like Smederevo!

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At the moment, at the Janko Cellar...

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Great wines of the Janko Cellar in their new home

During the preparations for full and permanent reallocation of the complete winery of the Janko Cellar to a new, modern facility, some medals arrived. Dragan Vasic organized appropriate party...

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The Best White Wine of the Balkans, 2013 Vrtlog, Sauvignon Blanc

In Bulgarian capital, on recent BIWC, unofficial wine championship of the Balkans, a product of the wine ‘veteran’ won a title...

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Award of the ‘Vino & Fino’ Magazine for the best red wine of the year

Annual award of the specialized magazine ‘Vino & Fino’, to the Janko Cellar of Smederevo for the best red wine of the year – At the already traditional annual celebration of the magazine...



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About us

People, land, history

We are the Janko Cellar Winery of Smederevo! Our winery was founded in 2006. At the time, a new renaissance wave of Serbian wine production was still hidden in mist. It’s simple, we did really hard to take our rightful place under the Sun.



Modern home of modern wines

When we act, we act upon a plan. It was clear from the very beginning that if we want (and we do want!) to sustain in maintaining the permanent improvement of the wine quality, first exponential, and now linear, with the increase in production, that we must reallocate.



Rich past of tomorrow’s future

When we first entered into the wine business, we did it by planting the grapes on a total of 3.5ha. Today, we own four times more land, i.e. 14ha. Our vineyards are in two locations – Zlatno Brdo and Seskovac (Ralja)


Our wines

Representation which needs no changes


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They said...

When the boss is serving
The Janko Cellar of Smederevo suddenly jumped out of patterns of small and medium Serbian wineries that rumble through the regional scene as a bullet train during the previous five to six years, but more often, through the international scene as well"
www.vino.rs 30.07.2015.
Prokupac is next
"If you say you visited Janko, i.e, the winery of the same name, everyone will know you are talking about the same Janko who won regional Decanter trophy for Stari Zavet (2011), who was the first to make – and still the only one – a really good Smederevka, who is behind the labels of Zapis, Adut, Misija, etc., and who is famous not only for his wines but for his affection for and talent in cooking..."
Vino & Fino, nr. 12
Stari Zavet - Far the best wine in the world with the Cyrillic label
"Stari Zavet from 2011 has already reached the top, so to reach further it is necessary to blend alchemy and jugglery. However, the biggest problem with this wine over the next few years will be - quantity. Several thousand bottles are not enough for all those people who must try this wine. You'll be sorry if you don't try it! "
www.vinovnik.rs, 24.07.2014.
DWWA 2014 Regional Trophy: Central & Eastern European Red over £15
This year’s Decanter World Wide Awards Regional Trophy for Central & Eastern European Red over £15 went to Janko, Yavet Stari, Sumadija – Great Morava, Serbia 2011 (14.3%)
www.decanter.com 09.06.2014.

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